Creating a Sympa server login

The Sympa server hosts a great many email lists, of which SS-L is one. You can create a login on the Sympa server for purposes of viewing the SS-L archives, or for administering your subscription to SS-L via the Web.

If you have previously created a login but have forgotten the password, you can just create the login again with a new password, as described here.

To create a Sympa server login,

To visit the Sympa server for archives or administrative purposes, after the login is created as above, go to to login, and select SS-L at left.

Note: One possible source of confusion that we have seen arise is the use of multiple email addresses. If you are subscribed to SS-L under one email address, and you create a Sympa login using a second email address, Sympa will not recognize you as an SS-L subscriber at that second address, and will not give you access to the SS-L archives (which are restricted to subscribers), and will not let you administer under these login credentials the subscription created using the first email address.

If you then use Sympa's online interface to subscribe to SS-L under the second address, you will now have two subscriptions running, and will receive two copies of each email message distributed by SS-L. If you get into this situation, you will probably want to solve it by unsubscribing one of the two addresses. You can unsubscribe either email address by an email command.

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