About Dry.Org

Dry.Org is a public service of its founder, David Dryden.


Dry.Org was originally intended to provide David with a simple way to explain Sjogren's Syndrome to people who had never heard of it: "Check out my web site, Dry.Org". As it turned out, one thing led to another, and the site became more ambitious.

But, this Web site is all that Dry.Org does. We don't send brochures, or answer questions by email, or take phone calls, or do fundraising for Dry.Org, or hold meetings, or chat online, or sponsor guest speakers.

If you would like to join with your fellow Sjogren's patients for shared support and information, look into joining one of the email lists for Sjogren's Syndrome or one of the national organization(s) for Sjogren's Syndrome.

What Dry.Org does is

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