Do I have Sjogren's Syndrome?

For some reason, many intelligent and otherwise competent medical people have heard of Sjogren's Syndrome but simply do not diagnose it, even when it is literally staring them in the face. Therefore, you cannot necessarily rely on your primary care physician or your regular dentist to tell you whether you have Sjogren's Syndrome.

Neither, of course, can you rely on a Web page to tell you whether you have Sjogren's Syndrome!

The specialists who most commonly diagnose Sjogren's Syndrome are rheumatologists -- also known as arthritis doctors. Yes, it can seem very, very odd that a specialist in what we think of as joint pain would also be the specialist for the dryness symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome -- but both sets of problems can have the same (poorly understood) underlying cause, an autoimmune attack on the body itself.

In addition, a well-informed dentist, ophthalmologist or other practitioner can make the diagnosis.

To increase your odds of getting examined by a practitioner who is well-informed about Sjogren's Syndrome, see Finding top-notch medical help for Sjogren's Syndrome

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