More resources for Sjogren's Syndrome

Finding top-notch medical help for Sjogren's Syndrome

The New Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook is required reading for anybody who wants to take an active role in dealing with this disease. Unfortunately, I know of no online resource that can substitute for this book. It will let you see in overview and in detail what the disease can do, and what can be done for it.

Goggles for Dry Eye -- reduce dryness by drastically reducing evaporation.

Prescription drug assistance program for those on a limited income without adequate health insurance.

Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment -- a view from Sweden

PROSE treatment for severe dry eye (formerly known as Boston Scleral Lens), an option for severe, disabling dry eye.

Surviving Dry Eye Pain goes into great depth about dry eye, including very severe dry eye.

Targeted Humidification presents the results of one patient's clever and dedicated experimentation on ways to highly humidify the air you breathe without humidifying the whole house or office.

(Rare) neurological effects of Sjogren's Syndrome, which are in general poorly understood by medical people.

Immunologic Diseases, links to a wide (and deep) range of immunological and autoimmune information.

USA N.I.H. Sjogren's Clinic page including Clinical Studies info.

USA's N.I.H. NIAMS Sjogren's page

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