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The Sjogren's Support email List (TalkSjo) provides support and sociability with Sjogren's patients worldwide. The focus of this list is on overcoming the social isolation that Sjogren's can foster. For a more medically oriented list, see SS-L.

Sjogren's Syndrome can be an isolating condition for many reasons, and it is more isolating when it is more severe. The disease and its treatments can sap your energy, take you out of the workplace, keep you in the house, make you feel unpresentable, and/or make physical intimacy difficult or impossible.

People around us who haven't experienced Sjogren's are not usually able to understand it. On the contrary, having personally experienced many years of disease-free living, people around us can be full of preposterous advice on how we should do that, too.

The Sjogren's Support List is a support forum for Sjogren's patients that helps counter the isolation that the disease can foster. This is not a technical information list, but a personal support list. Topics of conversation will vary widely, but there's always the bond of the disease that brings us together. Over time, list members get to know each other and provide meaningful friendship to each other.

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