Goggles for Dry Eye

Are you ready for goggles? You might be ready to make the leap if

For bicycling or other high wind activities: Aqua Sphere Kayenne swim goggles

For bicycling and other very windy conditions (e.g. boating), anything less than a full seal goggle is inadequate with my dry eyes. I now use Aqua Sphere Kayenne swim goggles (usually with clear lenses, not tinted). These are currently (August 2020) available from swim shops, and from Amazon.com and other online vendors.

A suggestion, based on my experience seeing manufacturers discontinue my favorites: if you find a goggle that works well for you, consider buying a lifetime supply of them. The AquaSphere is made with very long-lasting silicone rubber, so a lifetime supply might not be too many pairs.

I use a different AquaSphere goggle for swimming (the seal of the Kayenne on my face isn't quite good enough for swimming), but the Kayenne seals well against the headwind of biking, and it provides good peripheral vision that is very rare in a swim goggle. I've worn them on rides as long as twenty-two hours. As an extra bonus, these are ideal eyewear for riding in the rain, and they will also keep the bugs out of your eyes on slow climbs.

The goggles have an antifog coating, but like any other fully sealed goggle, they will fog up in use unless treated with an antifog solution.

I am currently using Dawn dishwashing liquid as my defogger. I put a half teaspoon of water in each goggle lens, then add one drop of Dawn, and spread it around with a clean fingertip. I then spill the excess out the top of the goggles and don the goggles. The idea is that the detergent breaks the surface tension of microscopic water droplets that would otherwise fog the lens. If I take the goggles off for any length of time, I have to re-treat them.

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