Moderators' Criteria for SS-L

Volunteer moderators work to keep SS-L focused on information about Sjogren's Syndrome, so that SS-L can be a useful resource for busy people.

On the moderated SS-L, messages sent to the list address actually go to the list's volunteer moderators. At least once per day (and usually more often), the moderators review the submitted messages. Messages that meet the Moderators' Criteria will be forwarded to the hundreds of people who subscribe to SS-L. Messages that don't meet the criteria do not get forwarded to SS-L .

Moderating a list requires many subtle judgments, but the basic criteria on SS-L are that a message is a candidate for distribution if it:

  1. Contains and/or seeks information related to Sjogren's Syndrome.
  2. Is of general interest -- not better sent as a private message.
  3. Has a Subject line that describes the message content.
  4. [Recommended, but no longer automatically enforced as of 2014] Respects the daily maximum of 3 messages per person.
  5. [Recommended, but optional as of January 2015] Quotes only enough (if any) of a previous message to establish context.
  6. Does not "flame" or personally attack others.
  7. Has no "attached documents".
  8. Does not duplicate a recent prior post (not "me too", "ditto", or simply redundant).
  9. Contains no commercial advertising, religious proselytizing, or mentions of multi-level marketed products.
  10. Discloses any financial interest in a product the sender recommends.

Messages that are cross-posted to other lists too will be held very strictly to the Moderators' Criteria.

Some specific examples of posts that will not be approved, along with suggestions for what to do in that situation:

Note that the moderators do not judge the accuracy or completeness of messages. Discussion on SS-L does not replace competent medical or legal advice. You should not rely upon any opinion advanced on SS-L without obtaining independent verification.

If you would like to contact the moderators of SS-L, write to

The moderators are interested in feedback, but cannot guarantee to find time to reply.

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